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What is cold drawn seamless tube?

A cold drawn seamless tube is a high strength device that is drawn at room temperature. The cold drawn seamless tube is drawn in a controlled fashion as it is run over a mandrel and die. This helps reduce its diameter and wall thickness. The cds tubing has uniform tolerances and excellent machinability. The seamless tube doesn’t have any seam that allows the cold drawn seamless pipe to have better performance and service compared to traditional tubes. These tubes are a popular choice in hydraulic systems. The cold drawn hydraulic tube is used to make hollowed chrome plated telescopic or high pressure cylinders and hydraulic rods. The cold drawn mechanical tubing is also a good choice in heavy equipment manufacturing like cranes, garbage trucks, etc.

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Difference between

Cold drawn tubes and cold rolled tubes

Cold drawn and rolled tubes are both processed at room temperature. In the cold rolling process, a flat product is produced. However, cold drawn steel is utilized to produce thin shaped products like rods, wires, etc. This is achieved by hammering it with hot rolled steel to fit through a die. This is followed by machining it to its final shape.

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What are Cold Drawn Welded Tubes (CDW)?

A CDW tube is drawn over a mandrel as the metal is expelled over a required length. The cold drawn welded tubes are used in applications that require a close dimensional tolerance. These tubes don’t have any joints in their cross sectional throughout their length.



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Cold drawn and hot rolled seamless tubing?

The major difference between hot rolled and cold drawn seamless tubing is their processing. A hot rolled seamless tubing is produced at elevated temperatures, allowing it to be easily shaped in precise dimensions. A cold drawn tube is processed at room temperature soon after the hot rolling process. Here the finish and quality of the tube are improved. Cold Drawn Steel Pipes have a better surface finish and tolerance in comparison to standard hot rolled equipment. A hot rolled seamless steel pipe is comparatively cheaper and is easy to process compared to the latter.

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Advantages & disadvantages of

Cold Drawn
Steel Tube

A cold drawn steel tube is designed having a smooth finish with closer tolerances. The Cold drawn a213 material has better strength and thermal efficiency. They also have a well-defined precise shape around their comers. The tube's hardness resistance alongside its resistance to tension breaking and deformation resistance is increased due to work hardening. The processing time of a cold drawn pipe is long and costly. The treatments on the tubes can create internal stress, which can cause unpredictable wrapping if the steel is not stress relieved. Apart from this, the cold drawn steel tube has poor resistance to torsion.

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