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Tubotech Stainless Inc

Started in the year 2004 Tubotech Stainless Inc. is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of stainless steel pipes and tubes. Apart from supplying quality products all over the country, we have a great global client base. We have a solid footfall in the international market, so our products are supplied to countries like Australia, UAE, USA, Italy, Poland, Iran, Singapore, Philippines, Canada, Malaysia, UK

Apart from supplying quality products to our clients, we also focus on offering them the best services. We have experienced professionals who can constantly guide our clients to select the best products according to their needs. With efficient product manufacturing and customer servicing, we have become a popular name in the piping and tubing industry. By buying from us, clients can rest assured about the quality and price of the products. Tubotech Stainless Inc focus on value addition for their clients

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We truly believe that maintaining product quality is before anything else. And customers should not have to pay more for getting good quality products. We also ensure a fine finish to the products, which is widely appreciated and demanded in the market. We offer transparent services and timely deliveries. We believe in offering products that will boost the business of our clients.

Quality Control

We strive to maintain our product quality in every possible way. Quality controlling is an eminent part of our manufacturing process, as it includes:

  • Our focus is on using the best quality raw materials for our product. But ensure to keep our products economical by using advanced manufacturing techniques.
  • After purchasing the raw material, we would inspect it thoroughly at our factory.
  • Once pickling is done, we would grind the tube carefully to ensure fewer defects throughout.
  • We use both hot rolling and cold drawing procedures to get precise dimensions on our pipes and tubes.
  • We offer standard heat treatment, including annealing and solution annealing, to ensure better properties. The treatments also help to reduce the occurrence of intergranular corrosion.
  • After manufacturing the products, we perform different tests to ensure their optimal performance for a given operation.
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