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Welded Stainless Steel Tube

Welded Stainless Steel Tube

The raw materials used to make welded stainless steel tubes are premium quality stainless steel strips that are purchased from reliable, certified sources. Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding is used to join the edges of strips that have been transformed into tubular shape over a tube mill. Bead rolling machinery installed on the mill is used to remove the inside weld bead. The processes of solution annealing, straightening, and pickling are applied to welded tubes.

Syphon Pipes And Tubes

Syphon Pipes And Tubes For Pressure Gauge

Syphons with U-shaped forms are designed for horizontal pressure tapping, while those with trumpet-shaped forms are meant for vertical pressure tapping. The compact form with length optimization reduces vibrational effects and shields the pressure measuring device from pressure spikes and pulsations.

Corrugated Tubing

Corrugated Tubing

Corrugated tubes are adaptable and have a variety of uses. They are frequently used to safeguard and arrange wire and cables in the automotive industry. In the manufacturing sector, corrugated tubes are used to convey gases and liquids under extreme pressure. Plumbing systems commonly employ them to join pipe sections and create twists without halting the flow of water. They are also utilized in the electrical sector to insulate wire to guarantee safety.

SS 316 Tube

9 Reasons To Use 316 Tube In Stainless Steel Boiler

The most often used grade of stainless steel is 316 because of its superior qualities, which include resistance to heat, corrosion, and durability. Boiler tubes made of stainless steel 316 have several uses, such as heat exchangers, steam generation systems, and sanitary applications.